Duchess of Malfi: Characters

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  • Characters
    • Duchess of Malfi
      • - Young widow and ruler of the Italian town Malfi
      • Secretly marries Antonio for love
      • -She is tortured and beaten but remains strong and virtuous throughout the whole ordinance
    • Antonio
      • - The Duchess' steward who runs her estate
      • He secretly marries the Duchess' but is incapable of protecting the family
      • - Is killed by Bosola who mistakes Antonio for someone else
    • Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria
      • - Brother of the Cardinal and twin brother of the Duchess
      • - Does not want the Duchess to marry due to pride, greed for wealth & his possible incestuous desires
      • Hires Bosola to spy on activities
      • When he learns of the Duchess' marrying and having children he has a violent outburst which is too much even for the Cardinal
      • - He tortures her because she "tortured him" but it was sexual jealousy
    • Cardinal
      • Brother of Duke Ferdinand and Duchess
      • A religious figure who is however immoral e.g bribed his way to become pope, killed someone using Bosola
      • Careful, calculating and controlled & threatens to walk away from Ferdinand because of his violent rage


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