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  • DRVs
    • What are DRVs?
      • Provide guidance of adequate intake of each essential nutrient
      • Average figures
      • Not prescriptive
    • DRVs for Macro and Micro nutrients
      • Macro nutrients
        • Based on population average figures
        • Includes alcohol
      • Micro nutrients
        • COMA panel set requirements and DRVs for energy and 33 nutrients of known importance to human health
    • Using DRVs
      • When looking at diets of the population aim to give the RNI.
      • Surveys as such the National Diet and Nutrition survey assist in forming policies
      • When looking at the diet of individuals:
        • DRVs for guidance only
      • Useful for prescribing diets or planning food supplies for large groups
      • CAUTION
        • The COMA panel emphasised that for most nutrients, there was insufficient data to set the EAR or LRNI or RNI (DRVs) or safe intake with any certainty
      • Assumptions
        • DRVs apply to healthy people only
        • DRVs are set on the presumption that requirements for energy and all other nutrients are met
        • DRVs vary for different groups of the population
    • DRVs for pregnancy
      • The EAR for pregnant women increases by 200kcal/day in the final trimester
      • Breastfeeding mothers have increased requirements for energy
    • Safe Intake Levels (SI)
      • Provided for guidance
      • Above risk of deficiency but below risk of toxicity
      • Set for pantothenic acid, vitamins E and K, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, fluoride
    • DRVs for energy
      • In 2011 SACN changed BMI and PAL calculation levels
  • DRVs for energy
    • In 2011 SACN changed BMI and PAL calculation levels


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