Drugs, Alcohol and Religion

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  • Drugs, Alcohol and Religion
    • why are some drugs illegal
      • Ø  Dangerous, harmful, cost government in health sector
    • keywords
      • Ø  Drug: substance when absorbed into body alters normal bodily function Ø  Legal/illegal: something is/isn’t official accepted by law Ø  Trafficking: supplying/dealing product Ø  Possession: ownership of something Ø  Production: manufacturing/making of product
      • Ø  Prescription: approved by doctor to treat medical condition, legal Ø  Rehabilitation: return to condition of good health Ø  Cold turkey: completely stop taking class A drugs/ alcohol suddenly, can kill Ø  Recreational: substances used for pleasure not medical- some legal/illegal Social: legal but license required to buy these
    • rehabilitation
      • Ø  Rehab, NHS- therapy, frank, support groups e.g. AA, NA- alcohol/narcotics anonymous  
        • Ø  sympathy, tell them things to live for, firm + positive, be constant feature in life, show happiness, self blame? This works. 
        • Ø  Sarcasm, accusation, stigmatising, explain why drugs are bad, supportive, possessive, threatening, causing embarrassment, infallibility? These don’t work. 
    • cannabis debate: Ø  1971- class b Ø  2004- class c- see less dangerous Ø  2008- class b- GM cannabis- stronger
      • Ø  For class b: mental health issues, psychotic illnesses, 500 people a week are admitted to hospital for taking it, gateway drug, lower class encourage use- delusion of harmlessness 
      • Ø  Against class b for class c/ legal: Holland legalised it- not much increase in use, less dangerous, no worse than alcohol and tobacco, government can tax cannabis and put money into the NHS and education, grows naturally, Rastafarians= God created ’herb’- it’s fine
    • law + use of drugs
      • Name Possession Production Dealing CLASS A 7 yrs Life Life   Unlimited fines Unlimited fines Unlimited fines CLASS B 5 yrs 14 yrs 14 yrs   Unlimited fines Unlimited fines Unlimited fines CLASS C 2 yrs 14 yrs 14 yrs   Unlimited fines Unlimited fines Unlimited fines
    • different types of drugs- illegal/legal, recreational (class a b ad c)
      • Ø  Class a; heroin, cocaine and ecstasy Ø  Class b; cannabis (weed) and amphetamines (speed). Ø  Class c; include anabolic steroids and tranquilizers
    • why people use drugs
      • Ø  Addicted, no choice- peer pressure, afford it, depression, same reasons for drinking, health, feel adult, sociable/relax, euphoria felt
    • religious teachings about illegal drugs
      • Ø  Islam: Opposed to the use of any drugs except for those which are medically prescribed. Every intoxicant is Haram, all non-prescribed drugs are the work of Satan, escape from real life which would mean that they cannot serve Allah well. 
      • Ø  Christianity: Your body is a temple= do not approve of the taking of illegal drugs, including most recreational drugs, especially those which can alter the mind and make people incapable of praying or being alert to God. But do take prescription drugs. 
      • Ø  Hindus: disapproves of the use of non-prescription drugs. However, drugs played an important part in worship- cannabis, aid to spiritual experience.
    • religious teachings about legal drugs; alcohol/ tobacco
      • Ø  Islam; intoxicants ‘haram’ forbidden, mess with allah’s given body, drink strictly haram, moderation accepted, “alcohol not a medicine but disease”, “intoxicants lures of satan”
      • Ø  Hindus; alcohol Hindu culture, tolerate moderation, smoking men only, not with elders, responsible for actions- karmic effect, ‘ahimsa’ treat body well, “mustn’t get wilfully attached to any object or substance”
      • Ø  Christianity; wine/bread jesus acceptable, gift from god moderation, “body is temple”, “fruit of vine”- old testament, “don’t get drunk with wine which will only ruin you”, smoking unmentioned in bible, ‘teetotal’= who don’t drink
    • heavy tax: alcohol/tobacco
      • Ø  Against; taxation discriminated against worker class, less likely to smoke if middle class/ profession doesn’t change user’s behaviour if addicted, need help not financial punishment. 
      • Ø  For; heavy tax= discouragement from buying, drinkers/smokers= financial burden- not fair we pay for medical treatment heavy tax= pay for own, cause for preventable deaths, disease should be treated as such.


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