Drainage Basins

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  • Drainage Basins
    • A drainage basin is the area of land that is drained by a river
    • The part of the hydrological cycle that happens on land happens in drainage basins
    • Drainage basins are open systems
      • There are inputs of water to the drainage basins
      • Water flows through them and is then stored in them
      • There are also outputs of the basin
    • Inputs- percipitation
    • Flows- Surface run off, Channel flow, Infiltration, Throughflow, Groundwater flow and Percolation
    • Stores- Channel storage, groundwater storage, Interception storage and Surface storage
    • Outputs- Evaporation, Transpiration and river flow into the sea
    • Drainage basins are separated by a boundary called a watershed.
    • They're ridges of high land
    • Features of drainage basins are:
      • Tributary is a smaller steam that joins the main river
      • The source is where the river starts, usually in higher ground
      • A confluence is the point at which two rivers join
      • The mouth is where the river flows into the sea or a lake


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