domestic violence

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  • domestic violence
    • includes psychological, physical, sexual, finacial and emotional violence / abuse
      • towards intimate partner or family member
    • sociologists do not see domestic violence as an isolated event by 1 or 2 sick people
      • too widespread across society
    • crime survey - england / wales 2013
      • 7.3% of women suffered DV
      • 5% of men suffered DV
      • problems with official stats
        • under reported - victims fear abuse will increase
        • police see it as a private sphere - may be reluctant to investigate
          • family life = private
    • on average, 2 women per week are killed by a current or ex male partner
      • coleman and osborne 2010
    • radical feminist explanation
      • DV is a result of patriachy
      • men oppress women, so it is an inevitable feature of society
      • marriage = oppressive insitution
        • preserve male power over women
        • explains why most DV is carriedd out by men
        • explains why so little is done - men dominate the states ruling bodies
          • gov, police
          • reluctant to address problem
    • material explanation
      • certain females more likely to be a victim
        • lower social class
        • live in deprived areas
      • low income and housing inequalities = main cause of DV
      • wilkinson and pickett - it occurs due to stress
        • those with low income = more likely to have money worries, overcrowded housing
      • evaluation
        • does not explain why men are more violent


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