Gender Roles and Relationships: Power Relationships



- Power relationships: how power is distributed in the family and how equal relationships are within the policy.

- Relationships between men and women:

  • Decision-making.
  • Domestic violence.

- Relationships between adults and children.

Domestic Violence

- Different forms of domestic violence:

  • Sexual violence.
  • Physical violence.
  • Psychological violence.
  • Financial violence.

- In the year ending March 2019, an estimated 2.4 million adults aged between 16 and 74 had experienced domestic abuse in the last year.

Explanations for Domestic Violence

- Walklate (2004): domestic violence is widespread in society and there is no such thing as a 'typical offender'.

- Hostility in relationships can lead to domestic violence due to the increased strain on everyday lives.

- Coercive partners can control and manipulate people for many years without facing any form of sanction for their behaviours.

Dobash and Dobash (1979,


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