Features of Organisms (I)

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  • Kingdoms
    • Prokaryotes
      • No nucleus ,loops of naked DNA, , no membrane bound organelles, smaller chromosomes, respiration on cell surface membranes, smaller cells, pepdoglycogen cell walls.
    • Protoctista
      • Eukaryotic, Single celled, free-living, live in water.
    • Fungi
      • Eukaryotic, mycelium consisting of hyphae, chitin cell wall, free-lving, saprotrophic, spore reproduction
    • Plantae
      • Eukaryotic, Multicellular, Autotrophic, Cellulose cell walls, photosynthesize, multicellular embryos
    • Animalia
      • Eukaryotic, multi cellular, able to move, Heterotrophic,fertilized eggs


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