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  • Documents
    • Public documents are from governments, schools, welfare agencies, businesses etc.
    • Personal documents are first hand experiences from letters, diaries, photo albums or autobio.
    • May be only source of information like when studying the past.
    • Quick, cheap and provide large amounts of data, which have already been collected.
    • Not always possible to gain access to them.
    • May not answer sociologists question
    • Inter prefer this type of data for its validity.
      • Provide valid picture of reality.
    • Pos tend to reject them as unreliable and unrepresentative.
    • Reliablity
      • Pos regard them un reliable and cannot be standard
      • May be unrepresent due to soem groups not creating them
    • Informed consent varies from from the type of document it is. Public documents need no consent
      • Documentsthat have been 'leaked', no consent as been given.
      • For private documents, consent is difficult.
      • Historical documents require no consent due to those involed being dead.


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