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  • DNA
    • Chromosomes are really long molecules of DNA
      • DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid
      • It contains all the instructions to put an organism together and make it work
      • DNA is found in the nucleus of animal and plant cells
      • DNA is found in long molecules called chromosomes
      • DNA has a double helix structure ( two spirals that are twisted round each other, a bit like a twisted ladder)
      • A gene is a section of DNA
    • Everyone has unique DNA
      • 1) Everyone's DNA is unique apart from identical twins, who have the same DNA
      • 2) DNA fingerprinting is a way of cutting up a person's DNA into small sections and separating them
      • 3) This means you can tell people apart by comparing samples of DNA
      • 4) DNA fingerprinting is used in forensic science.


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soooooooooooooo helpful! Thanks and keep on uplodaing these resources. They were super easy to understand and helped ace my test. :) Can't wait for you to upload more. Thanks for helping my get the 8's and 9's in my mocks

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