Cells Biology

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  • Animal, Plant and Yeast all store genetic info in a nucleus
  • Animal, Plant and Yeast cells are EUKARYOTIC
  • Bacteria, Yeast and Plant cells have a CELL WALL. P- cellulose,
  • All have ribosomes. Ribosomes can only be seen by electron microscopes. Found in the cytoplasm, site of protein synthesis.
  • All have CYTOSKELETON. gives structure
  • No chloroplasts in cells other than plant cells
  • Lysosomes in Plant/Animal cells. Digest or Decompose things


  • Bacteria cells have a chromosome with DNA
  • Bacteria is a PROKARYOTIC cell
  • Animal cells have no cell wall.

Overall comparison

EUKARYOTIC -  (DNA in coiled chromosomes in membrane bound nucleus)


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