Resistance to Social Influence

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  • Resistance to Social Influence
    • Social Support
      • Resisting Conformity - Asch found social support enables individual to resist conformity. Social support by a lone dissenter in his study reduced conformity from 33% to 5.5%
      • Resisting Obedience - when another person defies an order, they become a disobedient model which increases the chance others will also defy.
        • In Milgram's study when the pp was part of a team and the 2 other confederates refused to continue shocking the learner, only 10% continued to 450V
      • Allen and Levine replicated Asch's study and found when the lone dissenter wore thick glasses, conformity did reduce but not as much as when social support came from a valid source
    • Locus of Control
      • The extent to which an individual believes how much control they have over their lives
      • People with a strong internal LoC believe they can control their lives & are more likely to display independence in thought & behaviour
      • People with high external LoC believe what happens to them is determined by factors beyond their control and are more likely to accept influence of others.
      • Spector used Rotter's LoC scale & found individuals with high internal LoC were less likely to conform.


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