Social Influence

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  • Social influence
    • Resistance to social influence
      • Social support
        • The presence of people who resist pressures to conform or obey can help others to do the same.
      • Locus of control
        • Some people believe the things that happen to them are largely controlled by themselves. Other people believe that things happen without their control.
        • People with an internal LOC are more likely to resist pressures to conform or obey.
    • Minority influence
      • Consistency
      • Commitement
        • Gradually the minority become the majority. This is called the snowball effect.
          • Consistency
          • Flexibility
      • Flexibility
    • Social influence and social change
      • 1) Drawing attention through social proof
      • 2) Consistency
      • 3) Deeper processing of the issue
      • 4) The augmentation principle
      • 5) The snowball effect
      • 6) Social cryptomnesia


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