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  • Divorce
    • Leads
      • Pressures of modern living, depression and un-employment
      • health problems, not being able to have a child
      • adultery, lack of commitment
      • Alcohol and drug abuse
      • domestic violence
      • unrealistic expectations
      • marrying young and for wrong reasons
    • Effects on Family
      • Couple: Depression, financial problems
      • Children: feeling guilt, lack of comunication
      • Grandparents lose grandkids, feels resentment
      • Positive; No more violence, verbal and physical
    • Christian Belief
      • God says "I hate Divorce"
      • Jesus said "no human must separate what god put together"
      • The apostle Paul said "if a couple are to separate, they are not to remarry"
      • A man who leaves his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another commits adultery
      • All believe it should be avoided
        • Protestant allow it on extreme cases. Catholics don't allow it at all
      • 'Relate' and 'Accord'
    • Non-Marriage
      • Have been put off marriage
      • Do not want a life long commitment
      • Finical incentives to marry
      • Cant afford marriage
      • Legally cant marry
      • Non-Religious


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