Dispositional Explanations of Obedience

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  • Dispositional Explanations of Obedience
    • Adorno's Study
      • Studied 2000 middle-class white american and their unconscious attitudes to other racial groups
      • Developed scales to investigate, F Scale, which are still used to measure authoritarian personality
      • Found a strong correlation between people that scored highly on the F scale and how obedient they were to people in authority
      • Also found that they were more likely to be prejudiced to other people.
    • Authoritarian Personality
      • Extreme obedience in children occurs through a strict upbringing
      • Have extreme respect for authority and feels naturally hostile to lower ranks
      • Majorly submissive to authoritive
    • Focuses on how personality traits lead people to act in a certain way
    • Evaluation
      • :) Adorno's research
      • :( Subject to Social Desirability Bias
        • Questionnaire
        • When people change the answers so they are in a good light
        • Therefore results arent correct and lowers the amount of people with the authoritarian personality
      • :( Correlation not causation
        • F scale doesn't mean that it causes an authoritarian personality


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