The Theme of Disguise & Deception in "As you Like it"

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  • Disguise and Deception
    • Ganymede/ Aliena
      • Ganymede inspires Orlando to reveal the nature of his love
      • Aliena = A shepherd. Lower stature than Oliver. Does this show his love for her?
    • Rosalind
      • Becomes more open/ cheeky as Ganymede
      • Becomes a man to save her life
        • The Elizabethan idea of masculinity
    • Touchstone
      • Believes his love for Audrey is more than lust
        • He is willing to marry her
    • The idea of homoerotic attraction
      • Phoebe & Ganymede
      • Orlando & Ganymede
        • "Fair Youth"/ "Pretty Youth"


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