Sex differences in Parental Investment

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  • Discuss sex differences in Parental Investment
    • AO1 SMB
      • S - Symons - Men only have to donate a teaspoon of semen while women have to be pregnant and give birth
      • M - Miller - When males do invest they are under extreme pressure to avoid being cuckolded
      • B - Buss - Sexual jealousy evolved to avoid cuckoldry
    • AO2 BABG
      • B - Baker - UK magazine study, concluded that 14% of population come from extra marital affairs
        • Cannot extrapolate this data to general populous as only attracts a certain demographic of reader
      • A - Anderson et al - Men who lived with mother of children was more likely to invest in college fund
      • B - Buss - Physiological responses, men become more stressed when imagining the act while women become more stressed when imagining the emotional shift
      • G - Gross and Shine - In species with internal fertilization, 86% of care was done by mother, in external it was 70% males


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