Parental Investment

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  • Parental investment research
    • Sex differences in P/I
      • Women invest more than men
        • Breastfeeding (can go on for up to 4 years)
        • Eggs (limited supply, unlike sperm)
        • Men only invest sperm
        • Women, therefore, are more fussing when it comes to choosing a partner
      • 'Lad mags' reinforce a shallow approach to women - leads to feckless fatherhood and family breakdown - Michael Gove
      • Males are biologically less prepared than females to confront issues associated with parenting - Geher et al
    • Cuckoldry
      • Men can never be 100% sure their child is their BIOLOGICAL child
      • Apicella and Marlowe - parental resemblance increases the parental investment of fathers
    • The theory predicts that investment by fathers should be greater if they know the child is their biological child
      • Men appear to not discriminate between biological and stepchildren - Anderson
    • Evolutionary perspective
      • First and last born children hold a more privileged status than middle borns
        • Higher attempted suicide rates amongst middle borns - Andrews


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