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  • Digestion
    • 1. Digestion starts in your mouth where enzymes called amylase break down the carbohydrates from your food- chemical process. The teeth chew your food into into a paste- mechanical process.
    • 2.Then the food travels through your oesophagus/G-ullet to the stomach. The oesophagus is lined with mucas helping the food travel down.
    • 3.The third step takes place in the stomach where enzymes called protease break down protein in your food. Hydrochloric acid is also present to kill bacteria and give a low ph for the enzymes to work. The stomach is also lined with mucus to prevent any damage from the acid
    • 4. The fourth step is in the liver where bile which emulsifies (breaks up) fats. Bile is also an alkaline to give the right ph for the enzymes to work in the small intestine.
    • 5. The pancreas makes 3 enzymes: protease, which breaks down protein, amylase, which break down carbohydrates,and lipase, which break down fats.
    • 6. In the small intestine more enzymes are produced to digest protein, fats and carbohydrates. Food is absorbed through the gut wall and the blood taken where its needed.
    • 7. In the large intestine water is absorbed by villi so we don't dehydrate .
    • 8. Food often contains cellulose which we cants digest so its passed through the anus.


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