Safe seats and marginal seats

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  • Safe/marginal seats and their effects on the constituency
    • Marginal seats
      • A constituency where the results of past elections suggest that the result of an election will be close (winner of previous election won by less than 10% of their nearest rival)
      • Effects
        • Parties concentrate their efforts on marginal seats
        • Voters in marginal seats are more valuable than in safe seats as they can influence the result
        • Character and policies of candidates become more important
        • Marginal seats can result in tactical voting
    • Safe seats
      • A constituency where it is highly unlikely that the seat will change hands from party to another at an election
      • Effects
        • Voters receive less information as parties pay little attention to safe seats in election campaigns
        • MPs sitting for safe constituencies are less accountable for their actions as there's not much chance they'll lose their seat in the next election
        • Voters in safe seats can feed their votes are wasted
        • Votes in safe seats are effectively worth less than in marginal seats


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