Selecting a Statistical Test

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  • Difference
    • Nominal Data
      • Independent Group Design
        • Chi Squared
      • Repeated Measures Design
        • Sign Test
    • Ordinal/Interval Data
      • Independent Group Design
        • Mann-Whitney U Test (non parametric)
          • Unrelated T Test (parametric)
      • Repeated Measures Design
        • Wilcoxon Matched Pairs (non parametric)
          • Related T Test (parametric)
  • Relationship
    • Correlational Design
      • Spearman's Rank (non parametric)
      • Pearson's R (parametric)
  • Association
    • Nominal Data
      • Chi Squared
  • Selecting a Statistical Test
  • How to tell if a test is Parametric:   Data is Interval or ratio. Data is normally distributed.  Standard Deviations for the two sets of data are similar,


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