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Inferential Statistic

Inferential statistics describe a range of statistical tests designed to analyse sets of data to measure
if there actually is a significant difference (or correlation) between them

This is where the use of the terms `significant' and `chance factors' comes into the wording of

We can use…

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Once the raw data of an experiment is obtained:

1. Depending on the design of the research and level of data, the psychologist will select a
suitable statistical test
2. This will provide an observed value
3. The psychologist then compares this value with something called a critical value from…

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Situations where we reject the null hypothesis when results did occur by chance, e.g. the
`error of optimists'
Often occurs when the research has a poor design, small sample or poor control of
confounding variables

Type 2 error:

Situations where we reject the alternative hypothesis when there was a significant…


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