Diathesis-Stress Model evaluation

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  • Diathesis-Stress Model. Explaining Sz. AO3
    • WALKER (1997)
      • Cortisol levels higher in sz patients compared to non sufferers
      • Cortisol levels related to severity of symptoms
      • Increased cortisol levels=heighten genetically influenced abnormalities in dopamine transmission
        • Underpin vulnerability to sz, triggering onset of disorder
      • cortisol levels=higher immediately before onset of sz, suggest s trigger rather than effect
      • Extends the diathesis stress model
      • Includes both positive & negative environments
      • Eg: An individual with a genetic vulnerability but exposed to a positive environment eg: a loving family background could reduce their chances of developing sz
      • Real life application
      • Lacks aetiological validity
      • Not known exactly how different stressors contribute to the diathesis-stress model for any one person because specific causes may differ between individuals


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