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  • Diabetes
    • What causes diabetes?
      • Pancreas does not make enough insulin, blood sugar level not controlled - type 1
      • Levels get very high after eat
      • Eventually kidneys excrete glucose into urine
      • Produce a lot of urine and get thristy all the time
      • Without insulin no glucosei n cells - lack energy and feel tired
      • Break down fat, protein to use as fuel instead so lose weight
    • Can be controlled by
      • Avoiding foods rich in carbs, have to have regular meals, have to exercise after eating to try use up extra glucose produced by digestion
      • Injecting insulin allows glucose to be taken into body cells and converted into glycogen in liver, stops getting high
      • Amount injected depends on persons diet and how active they are
    • Using insulin from other organisms
      • Animal insulin not identical to human insulin, supply depend on how many animals were killed for meat
    • Curing type 1
      • Transplant of panccreas, operations difficult/risky, need immunosuppressant
      • Embryonic stem cells try get rid of organ rejection
    • Treating type 2
      • Result of obesity, lack of exercise
      • Cellss stop producing insulin
      • Restore balance by eating a balanced diet, losing weight, doing regular exercise
      • Drugs that: help insulin work better on body cells, help pancreas make insulin, reduce amount glucose absorb from gut


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