development of uk

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  • reasons variations in development in the uk
    • historic
      • politics - government is In London so it makes it a highly desirable location for businesses as its close to where decisions are being made and can find out about them quickly
      • colonies - although ships sailed from ports on the west all the decisions were taken in London on the east coast
    • physical
      • south is easier to build on
      • climate - south and east have better climate (less rainfall) more pleasant area to live in
      • natural resources - midlands, N, SW started to develop because of discovery of resources
      • position - south and east closer to communication links to Europe makes companies want to locate in that area
    • economic
      • infrastructure - in London area is the best in the country all roads lead to the centre of London companies who locate there would be able to trade with the rest of the country easily
      • foreign investment - most investments into UK are in London although they have been encouraged to invest elsewhere
    • similar to 2 speed economy situation


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