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  • Detente and Ostpolitik
    • Developments
      • The four power Berlin agreement (1971)
        • USSR and GDR recognised West Berlin's ties with the FRG and the right of West Berliners to visit the FRG
      • The Basic Treaty (June 1973)
        • FRG recongnised the GDR as an equal and independent state - a visa was introduced whereby West Berliner's could say in East Berlin for one full day
    • Changing relations
      • Cold War tensions began to relax
        • A key reason for this was the aftershock of the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)
    • Brandt
      • Felt the Hallstein Doctrine was outdated
      • Xmas 1963 - He agreed for East Berlin to be the GDR's capital in return for the concession that West Berliners could visit relatives over an 18 day period.
    • Opposition
      • Some said negiotations broke the basic Law which was focusing on reunification.
      • Some felt that this action actually strenghened division
    • Results
      • The GDR was recongnised by 132 states, joined the UN AND RECEIVED LARGE LOANS FROM THE FRG
        • The GDR became dependent on the FRG
      • In Sept. 1974 the GDR declared itself a seperate socialist nation/


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