Desdemona's Presentation 3.3

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  • Desdemona's Presentation 3.3
    • As a friend
      • "I will do all my abilities in thy behalf"
        • Kind-hearted and selfless. She wants to help others as much as possible.
      • "If I do vow a friendship, I'll perform it to the last article"
        • Loyal and strong willed. Never breaks a promise as she considers these highly important
    • Her relationship with Othello
      • "He shall in strangeness stand no farther off than in politic distance"
        • She speaks fondly of Othello, showing how she thinks he is without malice but only is doing what he thinks is the correct thing to do.
      • "The sooner, sweet, for you"-Othello
        • Although he is beginning to have doubts, Othello is still loving and shows that he cares about Desemona's opinions
      • "When shall he come? Tell me Othello."
        • She is persistent and isn't passive to her husband. Her strong demands contrast our expectations about the role of women in this period.
      • "If she be false, O, then heaven mocks itself! I'll not believe't"-Othello
        • Othello struggles to cope with the idea that his wife is cheating on him because he sees her as pure and innocent. He compares her to a goddess.
    • Her nature & Characterisation
      • "I have no judgement in an honest face"
        • Self assured, but could be naive since she gambles too much on the action and reputation  of another person
      • "She did deceive her father, marrying you"-Iago
        • Iago presents Desdemona as a liar and ironically as someone who can easily deceive/ manipulate people that they seem close to. This hints at her nature being rather more complex.
      • "Her name that was as fresh as Dian's visage is now negrimed and black as mine own face"-Othello
        • Her reputation and honour mean a great deal to Othelllo. Her status is considered a vital part of her identity. The way he compares her sin to his skin illustrates how he liked the fact that he was married to someone "above" himself.
    • Her self belief
      • "be merry, Cassio"
        • She doesn't want other people to worry as she knows that she can fix the problem
      • "within this hour, it will be well"
        • Optimistic and self-assured. She doesn't doubt her own abilities or Othello's nature


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