Introduction into Othello



  • Drama is a special type of genre as it needs its performance in theatre to arrive the full meaning. Think about how the events are presented on stage. 
  • Drama is about a conflict, which may be beneath a surface. Identitfy the conflicts, thus, identifying the key themes which bind all parts together. 
  • Make careful notes on the themes, characters, plot and any subplot. 
  • Play-wrights find non-realistic ways to let the audience into a characters mind, for example an aside. Consider how these dramatic devices are used.

Othello is in many ways a traditional tragic hero. He is brought down by a hubris which is his blind pride that affects many Elizabethan and Jacobean protagonists. However, he is also the 1st black hero to be on stage and the portrayal of the xenophobia and racial stereotypes make the play as relevant today as it…


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