Describing Dates

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  • Describing Dates
    • "Nous sommes" and "On est"
      • This construction is the most common way to express a date in French
        • "Nous sommes vendredi."
        • "Aujourd'hui, on est mardi."
      • This construction can also be used to express the month, though you must add "en"
        • "Nous sommes en juillet."
    • "C'est"
      • "C'est" refers to a future event or occasion when describing dates
        • "C'est vendredi", therefore, means "it is ON Friday", not "it IS Friday"
      • However, "c'est vendredi aujourd'hui" means "it is Friday today"
    • "Aujourd'hui"
      • Aujourd'hui cannot be used as a noun to give a date, so you cannot say "aujourd'hui est mardi"
      • However, "hier", "aujourd'hui", and "demain" can be used as a noun when "jour" and "journée" are used as well
        • "Demain est un autre jour."
    • "Il y a"
      • "Il y a" can be used to express a relative time in the past
        • "Il y a huit jours"
    • Specific dates
      • When denoting specific dates, put "le" and the date before the month
        • "C'est le 24 janvier 2019"
      • For the first day of the month, you must use the word "premier"
        • "C'est le premier avril"


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