Depletion of the Ozone Layer-C6

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  • Depletion of the Ozone Layer
    • Absorbs most of the UV lights- more depletion, more UV in the atmosphere
    • CFCs damage the ozone layer- have been replaced by HFCs or alkanes
      • 1930's- CFCs are "inert", linked with depletion in 1970's
      • Common for CFCs to last 20-50 years in the atmosphere
      • HFCs do not contain chlorine, so do not make chlorine radicals-safer
    • UV part of the electromagnet-ic spectrum is at the right frequency to make the ozone molecules vibrate
      • Convert UV radiation into movement energy
    • UV radiation breaks down, CFC molecules to give highly reactive chlorine atoms
      • Single Cl- chlorine radical-react with the ozone (depletion) to make oxygen gas
    • Chlorine atoms regenerate to react with the ozone more
    • A covalent bond can be spilt into two equal haves to make
      • Each radical sets off a chain reaction


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