delegated legislation

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  • Delegated Legislation
    • statutory Instruments
      • can be introduced by negative affirmative or super affirmative resolution
      • made my7 government ministers around 3,00 passed year
      • 15 departments in the Government each with a area of Policy
      • statutory instruments rule and regulations. made by Government Ministers under the Authority of  the enabling act
    • Reasons for Delegated Legislation
      • allows fast legislative response national  emergencies
      • Allows for local need and concerns to be met
      • allows for updating of primary legislation
      • Quick  to amen reclassification of Drugs
      • deals with complex issues, can make used of expertise
      • Government Minister under the Authority of the act
    • by laws
      • made by local authorities or public  corporation
      • local by laws cover matters of local concern i.e. parking restrictions
      • local government act 1972 - gave local authorities to make by laws
    • Orders in Council
      • made by the Queen and Privy Council
      • national or Local in effect or specific to the activity aimed at
      • usually drafted by a Government Minster then approved by the Queen and three of four privy councillors
      • can be on a wide range of matters
        • transferring responsibility between Government to make laws without going through Parliament
        • bringing acts of parliament into Force
        • giving legal effect to EU directives
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