Delegated Legislation

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  • Delegated Legislation
    • It is where parliament  gives powers to other bodies to make law.
    • Types of delegated legislation's
      • By-Law
        • Where local councils can make small laws involving their area, such as, parking laws.
      • Statutory Instrument
        • Where Government ministers are given power to change laws surrounding a certain subject. For example: education
      • Orders in Council
        • The Privy council is given the power to make small laws or laws in case of an emergency. For example: Terrorist Attack
    • Pros
      • It saves Parliament time.
      • Access to technical expertise
      • Allows consultation
      • Easy to amend
      • Allows quick law making
    • Cons
      • Undemocratic
      • Sub-delegation
      • Large Volume and lack of publicity
      • Difficult wording
    • Judicial Controls
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