Definitions of Miracles

Outlines the definitions of miracles of four philosophers: Hume, Swinburne, Holland and Aquinas.

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  • Definitions of Miracles
    • Hume
      • An event which is caused by God and which violates the laws of nature
      • For example, Jesus turning water into wine
    • Aquinas
      • 1) When something happens that nature could never do
        • Sharknado; the Fatima miracle
      • 2) When something happens that nature can do, but not in the order that it could happen in nature
        • The Resurrection; paper turning into a tree
      • 3) When something happens that is usually done by nature, but occurs without natural processes
        • Mary's conception; faith healing
    • Swinburne
      • An event caused by God which violates the laws of nature and which has religious significance
    • Holland
      • Events which do not necessarily violate the laws of nature, but which have religious significance i.e. coincidence miracles
      • The example of the child on the train track


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