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  • definitions
    • new economy
      • where companies and countries are based more on creativity, in finance, media and management, rather than on the production of goods
    • just-in-time
      • where companies demand goods from suppliers on short term timescales, rather than producing and holding large volumes of stock themselves
    • Enclave
      • a group of people living in a community which is isolated or seperated from the rest of the population
    • globalisation
      • the processes by which people, their cultures,money,goods and information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers
    • connections
      • how places and people are linked togetehr
    • modernisation theory
      • the means by which the world would become more economically uniform, using western investment aimed at reducing poverty
    • disconnected
      • means that some countries become less influential and less involved in economic decision making
    • trading blocs
      • countries which group together to improve their economic interests and trade patterns
        • wto
        • oecd
        • opec
        • G8 +5
        • G20
        • world bank
        • IMF
    • international monetary fund
      • is a global banking organisation based in Washington which exists to ensure global banking stability by assisting countries with investments and debt
    • export processing zones
      • zones in which businesses are free to import raw materials, process and manufacture the, and re-export without paying duties or tariffs - helping keep costs down
    • outsourcing
      • employing overseas labour in their home country to do a job under contract to provide a service for a company in a developed country. usually associated with IT software development , banks and service companies
    • source nations
      • those from which migrants come from
    • host nations
      • those where migrants decide to go , or to which they are admitted.
    • net migration
      • the figure arrived at when natural increase is subtracted from the total change in population
    • population structure
      • the proportion of people in each age group compared to the other


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