Crime in Medieval England

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  • Define each of the the following terms and give an example of each
    • Crimes against a person
      • Murder
      • Assault
      • ****
    • Against property
      • Arson
      • Theft e.g poaching
        • Poaching without "hunting rights" was known as poaching.Increased rapidly after, as peasants used what was previously common land to catch animals for their families
          • It was seen as a social crime as it assisted many people to survive. Reducing amount of land available for the poor meant it was either breaking the law or starvation
    • Against authority
      • Treason
      • Heresy
    • The King's influence
      • After 1066, influence of king increased as he was now pivotal in making laws
        • William I added new laws that created new crimes. After 1154, standard less were written down, meaning for first time there was a legal system nationwide


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