deficit model

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    • Women have a lack of something which makes their speech inferior
      • Men have a dominant place in society and owmen are inferior
        • Male language is stronger and more desirable
    • Hedges: phrases like 'sort of' 'kind of'
    • Polite forms: 'would you mind'
    • Tag questions: 'you're going to dinner, aren't you?
    • Hypercorrect grammar and pronunciation
    • Empty adjectives: lovely, great, divine
    • Speak in italics: intonational emphasis equal to underlining words - so, very, quite.
    • Use question intonation in declarative statements: women make declarative statements into questions by raising the pitch of their voice at the end of a statement, expressing uncertainty
    • Speak less frequently
    • Apologise more: 'I'm sorry but...'
    • Avoid expletives
    • Indirect requests: 'would you mind'
    • She didn't carry out her own research, it was based on own experiences and opinions


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