Cultural Explanations

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  • Cultural Explanations
    • The Culture of Poverty
      • Oscar Lewis, New Right
      • Mexico and Puerto Rico
      • The poor have a 'culture of poverty' with its own norms and values.
      • This separates the poor from the rest of society
      • The culture is transmitted from generation to generation through socialisation
      • He suggested that the poor have cultural features.
        • Resigned to their situation
        • They have a sense of fatalism
        • They are reluctant to work
        • Don't plan for the future.
        • Make little effort to change their situation
    • Dependency Culture
      • David Marsland
      • Poverty arises from the generosity of the welfare state.
      • The New Right sees many of the poor as undeserving
      • Those that depend on the welfare state become lazy and undermine the production of wealth
      • Calls the welfare state the 'nanny state'
      • Universal benefits undermine the production of wealth.
    • The Underclass
      • Charles Murray
      • Suggests that there is a class beneath the working class.
        • Calls the welfare state the 'nanny state'
      • They socialise their families to be dependent on the state.
      • The attitudes and behaviours of the poor of why they are in poverty
      • The poor form an anti social deviant underclass.
      • The generosity of the welfare state has created and encouraged the underclass.


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