Social class and health

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  • Social class and health
    • effects of social inequality
      • Social cohesion
        • Social inequality creates social divisions which, in turn, negatively impacts health
      • social deprivation
        • The poor suffer more with ill-health than the rich
      • status syndrome
        • Those lower down the status hierarchy suffer more stress as a result of not feeling respected by those higher up
    • explanations
      • Artefact
        • health outcomes are the result of methods of measurement that artificially inflate differences
          • sociologists reject this explanation
      • natural and social selection
        • those who are weaker and sicker are naturally more likely to end up at the bottom of social hierarchy
      • cultural and behavioural
        • poor health due to unhealthy lifestyles and not looking after themselves
          • different attitudes and values such as fatalism and immediate gratification
          • Black report and health divide
            • class differences in health remain even when cultural and lifestyle factors are included
      • material and structural explanations
        • blame capitalist system for health inequalities
          • poorer health are also those who are materially disadvantaged
            • e.g. poor housing and living/ working conditions


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