Sociology cultural capital

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  • Cultural capital
    • Bourdieu 1984
      • Argues that both cultural and material factors contribute to educational achievement and are interrelated
      • Identified economic capital( wealth) and educational capital( qualifications
    • Cultural capital
      • Refers to knowledge, attitudes, values and tastes and abilities of the middle class
      • Bernstein argues that, through socialisation, middle class children acquire the ability to grasp, analyse and express abstract ideas
      • Gives mc an advantage at school where such abilities and interests are highly valued with qualifications
      • WC finds that school devalues their culture as rough and inferior and their lack of cultural capital leads to exam failure
    • Educational and economic capital
      • MC children with cc are better equipped to meet the demands of the school curriculum and gain qualifications
      • Wealthier parents can convert economic capital to educational by paying for extra tuition and send children to private schools
        • Leech and Campos 2003 study of coventry shows that mc parents are more likely to afford a house in the catchment area of a good school---> Selection by mortgage
        • Sullivan 2001 used questionnaires to conduct a survey of 465 pupils in 4 schools. To asses cc she asked about a range d activities and knowledge of cultural figures.


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