Criticisms of the New Right perspective

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  • Criticisms of the New Right perspective
    • Abbott and Wallace 1992
      • They argue that some of these polices have encouraged people to live outside of the traditional family
      • Divorce laws made it easy for married couples to break up
      • Increased welfare for lone parents made it easier for lone parents to exist
      • They believed that their main focus was on saving money not saving the traditional family
    • Feminists believe that the rise in divorce rates can be beneficial to women as it means they can escape the abuse men
    • Rapoports 1989
      • He believed that family diversity was a good thing as it gives people greater freedom and allows people to find a family type that suits them
    • Postmodernists simply see the change in family structure a reflection of the changing attitudes about family and are unlikely to be changed by government policy
    • New Right thinkers exaggerate the extent to which family life has changed


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