A Streetcar Named Desire Critical Reviews

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  • Critical Response - A Streetcar Named Desire
    • Blanche
      • Nicola Onyett
        • "Blanche has become a social outcast because she refuses to conform to conventional moral values. In cruelly unveiling the truth about her scandalous past, Stanley strips her of her psychological, sexual and cultural identity"
      • Eliza Kazan
        • "Blanche is dangerous, she is destructive"
      • Gilbert & Gubar
        • "Blanche is the complete opposite of Kowalski. She is an ageing beauty; cultured, alone, stripped of her money"
      • Samuel Tapp
        • "Blanche DuBois is a victim of the mythology of the Southern Bell"
      • Harold Clurman
        • "Blanche is a delicate and sensitive woman pushed to insanity by a brutish environment presided over by chief ape man Kowalski"
    • Stella
      • J. M. McGlinn
        • "Stella ignores the needs of others and eventually adopts her own illusion. Life with Stanley is her highest value. Her refusal to accept Blanche's story of the **** is a commitment to self preservation rather than love
    • Stanley With Blanche
      • Foster Kirsch
        • Blanche and Stanley "Solid Match"
        • Kirsch see's Williams' view of B and Stn as ambivalent. He views them "locked in a deadly sex battle" but as a "solid match"
      • Kathleen Lart
        • Stn seen as an agent of B's destruction
      • W.J. Cash
        • "In the case of Blanche and Stanley, she incited the outrage, he needed the victory. Both have their share of guilt"
      • Robert Brustein
        • "The conflict between Blanche and Stanley allegorises the struggle between effeminate culture and masculine libido"
    • Stanley
      • Arthur Miller
        • "Stanley is a sexual terrorist, a tiger on the loose"
      • Koprince
        • "Stanley believes in male superiority"
      • Nicola Onyett
        • "Stanley [cruelly] strips her of her psychological, sexual and cultural identity"
      • Alvin B Kernan
        • "Stanley is a realist who trusts only his own senses"


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