A Streetcar named desire Themes

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  • A Streetcar  named Desire themes
    • Sexual desire
      • Author invented idea desire for 20th century
      • Blanche perceives herself as a object of male desire. She dresses provocatively. Losing desire results in her losing identity and reason to live.
      • Stella is drawn to Stanley's animal sexuality. Whereas her's in genteel and feminine. Their sexual dynamic keeps them together.
      • Stanley's masculinity and sexual attraction are closely intertwined.
      • Sexual desire is linked with destruction.Stanley hits Stella, Steve beats Eunice, Dubois epic fortifications means they lose belle reve, Stanley desire causes him to **** Blanche ect.
    • Fantasy and delusion
      • Streetcar journey allegorically foreshadows Blanches mental decent in the play.
      • End of the play Blanche cannot distinguish reality from fantasy.
      • Light represents realism. Tries to present herself as the Southan Belle before her misfortune. By hiding her exterior, she hopes to conceal her interior from her troubling past.
    • Interior/exterior appearance
      • Audience can see inside the apartment and outside the apartment. Conveys the relationship between emotions and appearance.
      • Social classes point to tension between interior/exterior. She tries to keep up appearances,by undermining Stanley and his home she maintains her own sense of social superiority.
      • Blue moon Plastic theatre. Conveys tension and emotion. Polka shows Blanches trauma, and it increases as she becomes more insane.
    • Masculinity/ Feminity
      • Masculinity, especially in Stanley conveys lust. He asserts his dominance, even his clothing is forceful. Emphasis is placed on his body, He is constantly compared to a animal, sometimes acts feminine (crying parts).
      • Mitch has masculine desirability but is not as physically assertive as Stanley. Perhaps has the Oedipus complex.
      • Stella and Blanche both depend on men. Blanche believes men are her only way to find happiness and fulfillment (Shep). Blanches conduct are looked down upon her but celebrated in Stanley. Stella's femininity is from her reality, being pregnant and a mother.


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