Crime and Locality

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  • Crime and Locality
    • Why crime rates may be higher in some areas than others
      • Not enough policing
      • Demography e.g. Culture
      • Poorer areas have status frustration
      • High levels of relative deprivation
    • Concentric Zones and Zones of Transition
      • Shaw and McKay explain why crime rates are higher in certain areas than others.
      • The results showed that if they divided the city into concentric zones, each of the 5 zones had different levels of offenders
      • Zone 2 had the highest rate of offenders which was right outside the city center
      • Zone 2 Had the highest population turnover. = Zone of transition
        • This was because of the high levels of social disorganisation- Informal social control was very low
        • Lack of strong community bonds due to high population turnover
      • Evaluation
        • Lack of Clarity- Doesn't say what comes first, crime or social disorganisation
        • Sweeping generalisation- Majority of people in high crime areas don't commit crime.
        • Environmental approach- Neglects that fact that Inner city crime comes from official stats which are socially constructed.


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