Cime and deviance

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  • Crime
    • crime-illegal act that is punishable by law.
      • formal social control- formal written rules that you have to follow e.g. police officers
    • deviance-something that is not against the law but against the norms and values of society.
      • informal social control- things that you do without being told e.g. queuing up
    • impacts of crime
      • victims
        • victim survey-an anomalous survey that is taken by the public to see if they have been a victim of crime. It uncovers the dark figure.
    • The social distribution of crime
      • Age and Crime
        • younger people are likely to engage in crime. This is due to peer group and sub cultural groups.
      • Gender and crime
        • In general more men commit crime than women
      • Ethnicity and crime
        • Black people are over-represented in prison, 5 times more likely to be in prison.
      • Social class and crime
        • working class people are over represented in prison because they have more opportunity.
    • Labelling Theory
      • Self-fulfilling prophecy- when the label ends up coming true
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