Creating new words

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  • Creating new words
    • Borrowing
      • borrow words from different language
      • A lot of borrowed words are for food e.g. "Spaghetti" from Italian
    • Scientific Progress
      • Advances in medicine, science and technology cause new words to be invented
    • Affixation
      • words can be created be affixation, where new prefixes and suffixes added to existing words
      • Many words in language created by adding Latin or Greek prefixes/ suffixes e.g. Greek word "hyper" found in words like "hyperactive"
    • Compounding
      • sometimes new word created by combining 2 separate words to create one word known as compounding e.g. "thumb" combined with "print" to make "thumbprint"
    • Blending
      • when two separate words merge together to create one word e.g. "satnav" blend of "satellite" and "navigation"
    • Conversion
      • New words also created when existing word changes class for example may words started off as nouns are now used as verbs e.g. "text - to text"


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