memory 1.3

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  • memory 1.3
    • random access memory (ram)
      • ram in the main memory in the computer
      • ram in volatile. this means that it requires power to retain its data
      • you can read and write into ram
      • ram is slower than the cpu cache but its way faster than secondary storage
    • virtual memory
      • when ram gets full, the data that isn't used a lot is moved to secondary storage
      • virtual memory may be needed if there are too many applications open
      • using virtual memory can make a computer slower when switching between applications
    • volatility
      • non-volatile
        • this is permanent memory and it keeps its contents even when it has no power
      • volatile
    • read only memory (rom)
      • rom is non-volatile memory
      • it can only be read not written it
      • it contains instructions a computer needs to boot up. these are called bios


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