Couples - Key Words

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  • Couples: Key Words
    • Expressive Role
      • Responsible for primary childcare and family support
    • Segregated Conjugal
      • Separate roles of couples
    • Emotion Work
      • Responsibility for emotions and feelings of family members
    • Symmetrical Family
      • DOL where roles are similar
    • Instrumental Role
      • Responsible for earning the family money
    • Pooling
      • Both people in relationship sharing their money
    • Division of Labour
      • Roles of men and women in terms of housework
    • Triple Shift
      • Responsibility of emotion, domestic and paid employment
    • March of Progress
      • Belief that DOL will become equal, overall improvement
    • Personal Perspective
      • Theory perspective based on personal experience
    • Allowance System
      • Men give a budget to their wives to meet family needs


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