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  • Couples
    • Parsons functionalists theory
      • Instrumental role for men
      • Expressive role for women
      • Clear division of labour based on biological differences between men and women
      • Negatives include the theory being outdated and doesn't work for different family types apart from the nuclear family
      • Positives include the theory still occurring today and that it is easy to understand
    • Willmott and Young
      • March of Progress view which says that things are gradually improving
        • Feminists reject this view
          • Oakley says that men do more tasks but only one a week like taking the kids to the park
      • Symmetrical family have joint conjugal roles
      • Rise in the symmetrical family due to change in position of women, geographical mobility, new technology like washing machines and better standards of living
    • Division of labour
      • Cultural explanation - due to the patriarchal norms and values
      • Material explanation - due to the fact that women earn less money/spend more time in the home
      • Sharing money
        • Allowance system, pooling and house bank
    • Domestic Violence
      • Any incident or pattern of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse
        • Between those aged 16 or over, who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality
      • Common triggers include alcohol, abusers fear and anger
      • Battered wives or husbands may remain with their partners in fear they may react more violently
        • They don't want their children growing up without the other parent
      • Different types of abuse in the family include sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse and emotional abuse
      • Feminist explanation is that domestic violence is a way of men maintaining their power as part of the patriarchal system
        • It ignores cases of men being abused and not all men are agressive
        • Dobash and Dobash
      • Material explanation is that domestic violence is a result of stress on family caused by social inequality so people in lower social classes are more likely to experience domestic violence
        • Wilkinson
        • Women can experience more stress but are typically the victim, explains violence against men and children by women
      • Police are reluctant to record, investigate or prosecute cases
        • Assumptions that family is private sphere, family is good so neglects the 'bad side' an individuals are free agents so have the rights to leave


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