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  • Cosmology
    • Hindu cosmology
      • Hindu stories try to capture the idea of energy, which makes things come alive and act in certain ways
        • Rig Veda 10.129.6-7
      • Time is cyclical
      • The material world is repeatedly created
      • The universe is one of many bubbles floating in space
      • There are three tiers of our universe - heavenly planets, earthly realm and the lower worlds
      • There is not a single account of creation; instead, there are many interrelated stories
      • There are two realities - spirit and matter. The atman is distinct from the material and temporary mind and body
    • The Cycle of Four Ages
      • Hindus think that there are four very long ages called yugas, which continuously rotate
      • Time  is in a cycle of 4,320,000 years made up of: Yuga of gold, Yuga of silver, Yuga of copper and yuga of iron.
      • Each age get shorter and more corrupt. In 470,000 years, the tenth avatar of Vishnu will appear
    • Hindu understandingthe universe
      • The universe is like clusters of bubbles floating in space created from Vishnu's breath
    • Hindu understandingmatter
      • The world is made up of spirit, which cannot be seen or touched, and matter, which can be seen and touched
      • Some Hindus think that they exist separately and spirit must conquer matter. Others think that they are needed together.
      • When an individual soul reaches enlightenment, the world no longer has any substance.
      • Hindus often use the image of a coiled rope being mistaken as a snake to show how worrying about material things is a waste of time and energy.
      • Matter goes through three stages: creation, maintenance and destruction. These three stages, called the trip-guna, are seen in human life as passion, goodness and ignorance


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