Corruption in Heart of Darkness

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  • Corruption in 'Heart of Darkness'
    • Jean - Jacques Rousseau's 'noble savages' and The Social Contract
      • corruption  of human soul
    • utopian society veiled by forces of  avarice and brutality
    • constraints of civilisation
    • elements of comedy largely undermines/obscure the presence of corruption
    • 'exterminate all the brutes'
      • Kurtz is regressed to his primitive, uncivilised state
        • Kurtz is enigmatic, carrying a torch of civilisation to the primitive nature of Africa
        • an unscrupulous, ruthless tyrant
        • an archetypal evil genius and degenerate individual
    • Conrad illustrates the ease with which humanity becomes inhumane without a structured society of civilisation
    • 'cold, fog, tempests, disease, exile and death- death skulking in the air, in the water, in the bush'
      • prevailing nature of corruption in an imperialist - governed dimension
    • masked by the supposed establishment of 'epistemological superiority' and proverbial light
    • a growing, yet nonetheless frail, facade of civilisation
    • Africa has fallen prey to the imperial pandemic and prevailing corruption
    • the natural forces of depravity are rampant, in fact, infective in the setting


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