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The Bloody Chamber ­ Key Quotes

`tender, delicious ecstasy'
`great pistons ceaselessly thrusting the train that bore me'
`away from girlhood... to the unguessable country of marriage.'
`he put the gold band on my finger... ceased to be her child in becoming his wife.'
`Are you sure, she said'

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`cruel necklace'
`innocent and confined life... potentiality for corruption'
`The next day, we were married.'
`stunning marriage, had exiled myself.' ­ `into marriage, into exile'
`like a child's toy'
`a huge man, an enormous man'
`Romeo y Julieta'
`before he [dad] kissed me and left me and died.'
`The richest…

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`And still I felt no fear'
`No fear; but a hesitation'
Absolute darkness... instruments of mutilation.'
`unimaginable lovers whose embraces were annihilation.'
`stark torture chamber'
`little museum of perversity'
`The opera singer lay, quite naked... he had embalmed her.'
`The dead lips smiled.'
`abyss of the dark'
`the eye of…


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