'The Bloody Chamber' - key quotes

Just some simple key quotes I have selected.

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The Bloody Chamber ­ Key Quotes
`tender, delicious ecstasy'
`great pistons ceaselessly thrusting the train that bore me'
`away from girlhood... to the unguessable country of marriage.'
`he put the gold band on my finger... ceased to be her child in becoming his wife.'
`Are you sure, she said'
`Are you sure you love him?'
`indomitable mother'
`outfaced... Chinese pirates... shot a man-eating tiger'
`Are you sure you love him?'
`I'm sure I want to marry him'
`my mother herself had... beggared herself for love'
`leaving his wife and child a legacy of tears that never quite dried'
`teasingly caressed me, egregious, insinuating, nudging between my thighs'
`His kiss, his kiss with tongue and teeth in it and a rasp of beard'
`the magic place, the fairy castle... that legendary habitation in which he had been born'
`Our destination, my destiny.'
`dark, leonine shape of his head'
`male scent of leather and spices'
`he was a big man'
`softly creep up behind me'
`perfume of spiced leather always betrayed him'
`He was older than I. He was much older than I'
`pure silver in his dark mane'
`his strange, heavy... face'
`absolute absence of light'
`face lay underneath this mask'
`marvellous castle in which he had been born'
`heavy, fleshy composure'
`he seemed to me like a lily... ominous calm of a sentient vegetable... cobra-headed, funereal
`crimson velvet, fire opal... dark antique gold... opal are bad luck'
`I was seventeen and knew nothing of the world'
`my Marquis'
`was he not still in mourning for his last wife?'
`they never found her body'
`invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women'
`poor widow's child'
`during the Liebestod that I thought that I must truly love him'
`On his arm, all eyes were upon me.'
`Deathly passion'
`My cup runneth over.'
`everyone stared at me. And at his wedding gift.'
`flashing crimson jewels... bright as arterial blood.'
`inspecting horseflesh... cuts on the slab'

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The next day, we were married.'
`stunning marriage, had exiled myself.' ­ `into marriage, into exile'
`like a child's toy'
`a huge man, an enormous man'
`Romeo y Julieta'
`before he [dad] kissed me and left me and died.'
`The richest man in France.'
`a sky that melts into the sea'
`that castle, neither on the land nor in the water... contravening materiality of both earth and
the waves'
`She would be my ally as long as I was his.…read more

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And still I felt no fear'
`No fear; but a hesitation'
Absolute darkness... instruments of mutilation.'
`unimaginable lovers whose embraces were annihilation.'
`stark torture chamber'
`little museum of perversity'
`The opera singer lay, quite naked... he had embalmed her.'
`The dead lips smiled.'
`abyss of the dark'
`the eye of God ­ his eye ­ was upon me.'
`like the door of hell.'
`they were his creatures'
`private slaughterhouse'
`imprisonment of the castle.'
`morning would find me once more a virgin.…read more


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